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Next: Red Bull Dolomitenmann


On the 6th of September I will be taking part at the Red Bull Dolomitenmann for the 7th time!

The Red Bull Dolomitenmann is a Team Competition- 120 teams of four, each consisting of one mountain runner, one paraglider, a canoeist and a mountain biker are taking part.
I will again be part of the Red Bull Team and this time the time to beat is my personal best and course record of 29:10 minutes from last year.

The key to win the paragliding part is not to make any mistake. As soon as you have one knot in your lines at one of the 2 take offs, or you loose your glider once during running with your glider in hand, the victory is lost…I think it’s more about concentration and consistency than being the fastest runner :)

As always I will be well prepared for the race - this time you can see live on ServusTV if my preparation was successful:

Red Bull Adventure: Das erwartet uns beim Red Bull Dolomitenmann 2014