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Since a few days we are back home and the last destination on our journey, Kyrgyztan, was perfect to round off the overall impression that we had after six weeks of travelling: this was a perfect trip!

After crossing the border from China to Kyrgyzstan not only the landscape changed once again, also peoples faces became more russian style- but friendliness remained the same, or in some cases increased even.
We moved our tent to a take off close to the capital city Bishkek for the last 4 days and spent a great, relaxing time there with lot's of flying and lots of new pilot friends.
We will definitely come back to this special place, which is basically just a small hill, but offers great possibilities…

We are working now hard to sort out the best pictures and cut some of the video footage we brought back- you will find the final clips here within the next weeks!

Thanks to our sponsors, especially Red Bull, Arc'teryx and skywalk, who made this trip possible!