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After two days of travelling and lots of time spent before, at and after the border, we arrived in China.
The cultural differences are obvious- as soon as you arrive in Tashkurgan, the first bigger city coming from Pakistan, you see women on the streets and in shops or restaurants they even talk to you...
In the shops you find beer and liquor and people are driving their vehicles on the "right" side.

It's only a two hour bus ride from here to the Karakol Lake from where it will take us another 5 hours walking to the Mustagh Ata base camp.
We are very excited to get to know the father of icemountains personally during the next three weeks of our trip.

We will try, but we are not sure if it will be possible, to send out pictures from the base camp.
But we will keep you updated somehow and on our tracking page you can follow every step of our journey as usual.