• Back in basecamp

Back in basecamp


3 days on a mountain

On day1 our team and the Italian expedition hiked up to Camp1. We spent a nice evening at 5300 meters on a high altitude slackline, getting a high altitude haircut.

On the next day we wanted to set Camp2. Getting used to new heights proved to be exhausting and the electric charging of a thundercloud made us leave the equipment in a bivouac and ski back down to camp1, where we spent a second night.

On the third day we finally made our way through the crevasses up to camp2 at around 6200 meters. Spending the night there was another yet classical headache experience, but skiing down to base camp for nearly 2000 meters in the best snow you can imagine (espescially in june) was a really good deal.

So now we are back in base camp for some rest and filling up batteries for a final push on Muztagh Ata.